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Royal Danish Air Force F-35A handover ceremony

Royal Danish Air Force receives first F-35A

While officially becoming part of the Royal Danish Air Force, the F-35 will remain the US until 2023, where it will help train Danish pilots at Luke AFB.
Royal Danish Air Force L-001 first flight

Denmark’s first F-35 takes off

The flight on Monday was the first of a total of four planned test flights.
Danish F-35

First Danish F-35 ready for April delivery after rolling off production...

The first Danish Air Force F-35 fighter, tail number L-001, will be ready for delivery in April this year after rolling off...
Danish Air Force Joint Strike Fighter

Denmark shares photos of its first F-35 taking shape

Denmark's defense ministry has shared a photo of what is starting to resemble its air force's first F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
Danish F-35A

Denmark unveils first photo of F-35A with national insignia

The first Danish F-35 fighter aircraft is scheduled to be completed by October 2020, and handed over to Denmark by January 2021.
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