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B-1B refueling at Spangdahlem

US Air Force uses VIPER kit for first-ever hot-pit refuel of...

The VIPER kit will allow USAF aircraft to be refueled by partner nations using their own refueling equipment on bases around the world.
Final of 17 B-1B Lancer planned for retirement this year bows out of service

US Air Force wraps up planned retirement of 17 B-1 bombers

The US Air Force Global Strike Command completed the planned retirement of 17 B-1B bombers as the last aircraft departed Edwards Air...
Spectre B-1B Lancer

Second B-1B to retire will serve as maintenance trainer at Tinker...

The retired “Spectre” Lancer left the flight line at Tinker for the last time April 10, 2021, as it was retired and towed to a training pad.
Lancer bomber

First US B-1B bombers start flying again after fleet-wide grounding

The air force grounded all 57 active Lancers in April after discovering defects on an augmenter fuel pump filter housing during an inspection.
B-2 Bomber

US B-1, B-2s meet up for bomber task force mission in...

B-2 bombers from Whiteman Air Force Base teamed up with Norway-based B-1s for the bomber task force mission in the Arctic.
B-1B in the Arctic

US B-1B bomber makes Poland debut for first hot-pit refuel in...

A B-1B from Dyess AFB became the first B-1B to ever land in Poland and the first to complete a hot-pit refuel in Europe.
Retired B-1B Lancer

First of 17 B-1 bombers to retire this year becoming ground...

The Lancer with tail number 86-0099 will continue to serve despite never flying again.
Swedish Gripen with USAF B-1B

US bombers train with Swedish Air Force en route to historic...

An expeditionary B-1 Lancer bomber squadron flew to Orland Air Base in central Norway on February 22.
First retired B-1B Lancer

US Air Force bids farewell to first of 17 B-1B bombers...

The US Air Force's plan to retire 17 of its B-1B Lancer bombers officially kicked off on February 17.
B-1B bomber

US stations bombers in Norway for first time ever

An expeditionary B-1 Lancer bomber squadron will be flying the missions out of Orland Air Base in central Norway.
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