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Covid-19 ties all Dutch Navy ships to port

The Royal Netherlands Navy has decided to halt all ship deployments after coronavirus cases were reported among the crews of several navy...

Norway sends 2,900 allied troops home after cancelling drills due to...

Close to 3,000 troops from the US, UK, the Netherlands and Germany are returning home from Norway after the Norwegian government decided...

Romanian frigate drops out of NATO mission after COVID-19 outbreak

Romanian Navy frigate ROS Regina Maria is forced to prematurely complete its mission with Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) and return...

Italian frigate crew on Libyan embargo mission hit by COVID-19 outbreak

There are currently 51 COVID-19 cases onboard the ship.

US Navy will not reinstate fired USS Theodore Roosevelt CO

The US Navy has made a decision not to reinstate Capt. Brett Crozier as the commanding officer of the COVID-19-stricken aircraft carrier...

USS Theodore Roosevelt clears final hurdle to return to operations

The milestone comes weeks after the carrier got underway again from Guam.

Crew of COVID-plagued carrier Roosevelt readies for return to sea

The crew has started preparations for a return to sea after almost two months pierside.

World’s largest naval drill to be an “at-sea-only” event due to...

The biennial maritime exercise will take place in waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands.

Royal Navy aircraft carrier slips out of Portsmouth for operational training

HMS Queen Elizabeth will spend several weeks underway for Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST)

US carrier Nimitz underway for final pre-deployment training

The navy said the Nimitz completed a 27-day quarantine period and tested all hands for COVID-19 prior to departure.
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