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Five carrier strike groups patrolling NATO area of operations simultaneously

Aircraft carriers and their strike groups from five allied nations will be operating in the Atlantic Ocean and the North and Mediterranean...

US, French, Italian aircraft carriers train in Ionian Sea

This is the second time the three carriers are operating together this year.

Fighters from French aircraft carrier will fly over Balkans in light...

Rafale fighter aircraft embarked aboard French Navy aircraft carrier FS Charles de Gaulle will fly over Western Balkans starting next week.

US shares photos of three NATO aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean

The US Navy has shared first photos of a naval drill that started in the Mediterranean Sea last week and gathered aircraft...

US, French, Italian carriers set to drill in the Med as...

Aircraft carriers from France, Italy and the United States will begin a large-scale exercise in the Mediterranean Sea next week as Russia's...

US, French aircraft carriers meet up in Middle East

This is the second time in 13 months USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and FS Charles de Gaulle are operating togehter in the Middle East.

French carrier FS Charles de Gaulle starts Middle East deployment

The French operation is called Clemenceau 2021 and will support the broader, multinational operation Inherent Resolve.

France officially launches PANG next-generation aircraft carrier program

France's president Emmanuel Macron has officially announced the launch of the country's next-generation aircraft carrier program during his visit to the nuclear...

France cuts carrier deployment short amid COVID-19 outbreak fears

The French Navy says 40 sailors may already have been infected.

French aircraft carrier’s visit to Denmark canceled due to COVID-2019

The French Navy aircraft carrier FS Charles de Gaulle has arrived in Danish waters, but will call off a planned visit to...

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