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Five carrier strike groups patrolling NATO area of operations simultaneously

Aircraft carriers and their strike groups from five allied nations will be operating in the Atlantic Ocean and the North and Mediterranean...

An Italian aircraft carrier is coming under NATO command for the...

Italian aircraft carrier ITS Cavour will be commanded by Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO) for the first time ever.

US, French, Italian aircraft carriers train in Ionian Sea

This is the second time the three carriers are operating together this year.

US shares photos of three NATO aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean

The US Navy has shared first photos of a naval drill that started in the Mediterranean Sea last week and gathered aircraft...

US, French, Italian carriers set to drill in the Med as...

Aircraft carriers from France, Italy and the United States will begin a large-scale exercise in the Mediterranean Sea next week as Russia's...

Italian, UK carriers cross deck F-35B fighters

Italian F-35B jets have landed on the flight deck of Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth for the first time during...

An Italian F-35B just landed on the country’s flagship carrier for...

The F-35B that landed on ITS Cavour is the third F-35B to be assigned to the Italian Navy. The first two are still in the US supporting pilot training.

Italian Navy officially joins F-35B operators club

The Italian Navy joined an exclusive club of countries capable of operating fifth-generation fighters from its ships

Watch F-35B jets land on Italian aircraft carrier Cavour for the...

The landings on March 1 marked the start of up to four weeks of sea trials that will certify ITS Cavour for F-35B operations.

Italian aircraft carrier ITS Cavour arrives in Norfolk for F-35B training

The training will allow the carrier to attain the Italian Navy’s “ready for operations” certification to safely land and launch F-35Bs.

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