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Derby missile on wingtip

Rafael’s Derby ER missile makes ground-based air defense debut

The test marked the completion of the development of the ground-version of the I-Derby ER (extended range) air-to-air missile.

Rafael unveils SPICE smart missile with turbojet engine

Israeli defense company Rafael has unveiled a new variant of its SPICE air-to-surface missile that boasts an increased range thanks to the...

US Army Abrams tanks receive final Trophy active protection systems

Leonardo DRS and Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems have completed deliveries of the Trophy active protection systems (APS) ordered by the US...

Israel delivers second Iron Dome battery to US Army

The Israeli Missile Defense Organization delivered the second of two Iron Dome batteries to the US Army this weekend.

Israel’s Rafael lands $200M missile, communication systems order in Asia

Israeli defense technology company Rafael says it has been awarded a $200 million contract from an undisclosed Asian country for the delivery...

US Army stands up two Iron Dome batteries at Fort Bliss...

The US Army has activated two Iron Dome batteries at Fort Bliss, Texas, to test the possibility of integrating the Israeli-built system...

US Army receives first of two Iron Dome batteries from Israel

The US Army has officially taken delivery of the first of two Iron Dome batteries from the Israeli defense ministry.
Spyder air-defense system

Czech Republic opts for Israeli air-defense systems

A total of nine systems from seven producers were evaluated before the Spyder was selected.

Raytheon, Rafael set up JV for Iron Dome production in the...

US-based Raytheon Technologies and Israel's RAFAEL have signed a joint venture to establish an Iron Dome weapon system production facility in the...

Rafael teams with Mesko for Polish Pustelnik anti-tank weapon program

Israeli defense contractor Rafael has entered into an agreement with Polish company Mesko for the joint production of Spike short-range missiles as...

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