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Australian F-35A taking part in Red Flag

Brand new Australian F-35s hone air dominance on Red Flag debut

After completing Red Flag, Australia's four newest F-35As will head home, bringing Australia’s fleet to 41 of 72 planned aircraft.
F-35 at Nellis

US Air Force F-35s on first ever aggressor stint at Red...

Red Flag-Nellis 21-3 will have blue air participants go head-to-head with F-35 Lightning II aggressor pilots for the first time, making already...
KC-10 Extender refueling A-10 Thunderbolts

Red Flag Alaska 21-2 welcomes allies after COVID-19 disruptions

After last year's mini-scale and two cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Red Flag-Alaska 21-2 is in full swing and will run through June 25.

US Air Force kicks off second Red Flag of 2021

Red Flag 21-2 will host 2,500 US and international participants from a dozen states, including Singapore, Sweden and seven NATO nations.
B-2 Spirit at Nellis Air Force Base

US Air Force begins first Red Flag of 2021

The US Air Force has kicked off Red Flag 21-1 at Nellis Air Force Base in Southern Nevada. The...

UK F-35Bs head to US for their first Red Flag exercise

The first Red Flag of 2020 is scheduled to start on January 27 and conclude on February 14.
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