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Red Flag 23-1

First Red Flag of 2023 starting with some 100 aircraft in...

Fighter jets from three countries have gathered in Nevada ahead of the start of this year's first Red Flag training event.
AWACS at Red Flag

First US Air Force AWACS flies with Dragon Mod upgrade at...

A US Air Force E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft has flown with the Dragon Mod upgrade for the first...
Typhoons in Nevada

Australian, UK fighters arrive in the US for Red Flag maneuvers

Fighter jets from Australia and the United Kingdom have arrived in Nevada, United States, where they will join their US counterparts for...
Australian F-35A taking part in Red Flag

Brand new Australian F-35s hone air dominance on Red Flag debut

After completing Red Flag, Australia's four newest F-35As will head home, bringing Australia’s fleet to 41 of 72 planned aircraft.
F-35 at Nellis

US Air Force F-35s on first ever aggressor stint at Red...

Red Flag-Nellis 21-3 will have blue air participants go head-to-head with F-35 Lightning II aggressor pilots for the first time, making already...
KC-10 Extender refueling A-10 Thunderbolts

Red Flag Alaska 21-2 welcomes allies after COVID-19 disruptions

After last year's mini-scale and two cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Red Flag-Alaska 21-2 is in full swing and will run through June 25.

US Air Force kicks off second Red Flag of 2021

Red Flag 21-2 will host 2,500 US and international participants from a dozen states, including Singapore, Sweden and seven NATO nations.
B-2 Spirit at Nellis Air Force Base

US Air Force begins first Red Flag of 2021

The US Air Force has kicked off Red Flag 21-1 at Nellis Air Force Base in Southern Nevada. The...

UK F-35Bs head to US for their first Red Flag exercise

The first Red Flag of 2020 is scheduled to start on January 27 and conclude on February 14.

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