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Philippine Black Hawks

Philippines signs up for another 32 Polish-built S70i Black Hawk helicopters

The Philippine defense ministry announced it has signed a contract with Poland's PZL Mielec for the purchase of 32 additional S70i Black...
Polish-built Black Hawk helicopters

Romania confirms 12-unit Black Hawk order from Poland

The Romanian internal affairs ministry has signed a four-year contract with Poland's PZL Mielec for the purchase of up to 12 S-70...
Philippine Air Force S-70i Black Hawk helicopters

Philippine Air Force receives final five S-70i Black Hawks from Poland

The Philippine Air Force welcomed its final five S-70i Black Hawk helicopters at Clark Air Base on November 08, 2021.
Philippine Air Force Blackhawks at Clark air force base

Philippine Air Force Black Hawk crash kills all 6 onboard

The Philippine defense ministry said the crash occurred during a regularly-scheduled night proficiency flight on June 23.
S-70i helicopters for the Philippines

Philippine Air Force receives second batch of S-70i Blackhawks from Poland

The additional five S-70i Blackhawks bring the total number of helicopters in the Philippine Air Force fleet to eleven.

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