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S-70i helicopters for the Philippines

Philippine Air Force receives second batch of S-70i Blackhawks from Poland

The additional five S-70i Blackhawks bring the total number of helicopters in the Philippine Air Force fleet to eleven.

Lockheed Martin gets $447M to build 12 MH-60R helicopters for South...

South Korea announced in December 2020 it would purchase Sikorsky’s MH-60R Seahawk for the ROK Navy’s anti-submarine warfare tasks.
OPV Black Hawk

Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter flies without pilot assistance in DARPA test

The flight was part of DARPA’s ALIAS program, which aims to enable pilots to focus on the fight instead focusing on flying the aircraft.

Bell, Sikorsky get $576M for next stage of US Army’s FLRAA...

The US Army has awarded Bell and the Sikorsky-Boeing team contracts worth $576 million for the second phase of the Future Long...
Saudi Black Hawk and AH-6 helicopters

Saudi Arabia buying additional 25 Black Hawks

Saudi Arabia previously bought 17 Black Hawks for its elite units in 2018.
HH-60W Jolly Green II

US Air Force planning $1B upgrade for its new combat rescue...

The service is planning a capabilities upgrades program for the HH-60Ws despite having received its first two helicopters four months ago.

Sikorsky gets $478M for another five VH-92A presidential helicopters

The latest contract brings the total number of "Marine One" VH-92A helicopters on order to 17.

US Coast Guard awards Sikorsky up to $850M for new MH-60T...

The US Coast Guard has awarded Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation a contract worth up to $850 million for new H-60 helicopters as part...

South Korea picks Sikorsky’s MH-60R helicopter for anti-submarine warfare role

The South Korean arms procurement agency (DAPA) announced its decision to purchase Sikorsky's MH-60R Seahawk helicopter for the Republic of Korea Navy's...

Lithuania signing up for UH-60M Black Hawks to replace Soviet Mi-8Ts

The Lithuanian defense ministry says it is ready to sign a contract for the purchase of UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters from the...

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