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Project Hydra

F-35s and an F-22 communicate via U-2 in second 5th-gen data...

Project Hydra marks the first time that bi-directional communications were established between 5th gen aircraft in-flight, according to Lockheed Martin.
AI co-pilot on U-2 Dragon Lady

AI flies a US Air Force plane for first time ever

A U-2 Dragon Lady spy plane flew with artificial intelligence as a working aircrew member onboard on December 15, marking the first...
U-2 Dragon Lady

US Air Force awards contract for further U-2 Dragon Lady upgrades

The contract will see Skunk Works deliver an updated avionics suite that modernizes the U-2’s onboard systems to readily accept and use new technology.
U-2 Dragon Lady

US Air Force’s Dragon Lady aircraft complete imaging sensor upgrade

The upgrade will equip the iconic aircraft with electro-optical/infrared sensor capability for increased optical performance and long-range tracking.
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