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Slovakia orders Spike LR2 missiles from Israel’s Rafael

Photo: Rafael

The Slovak defense ministry has awarded Israeli defense company Rafael a contract for the supply of SPIKE LR2 ATGMs and dismounted advanced integrated control launch unit launchers.

According to the company, the Slovak Army is the 6th international military to partake in the upgrade from the 4th generation to this 5th generation SPIKE LR2 missiles. Additionally, Slovakia is the 19th EU or NATO nation to use SPIKE missiles.

SPIKE LR2 is a 5th generation, multi-platform, multi-mission & multi-range electro-optical missile with an enhanced standoff range of 5.5 km.

It is equipped with fire & forget capabilities and man-in-the-loop features, inlc. retargeting mid-flight, attack of hidden targets beyond-line–of-sight, and the ability to launch to non-line-of-sight targets based solely on their geo-coordinates.

The Spike LR2 was most recently purchased by Australia which selected the missile system as its long range direct fire support weapon capability as part of the country’s lethality system project (Land 159).