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SIG Sauer delivers next generation squad weapons prototypes for US Army testing

SIG Sauer NGSW machine gun
SIG Sauer lightweight machine gun. Photo: SIG Sauer

SIG Sauer announced it has delivered the next generation squad weapons (NGSW) system to the US Army as the service continues with evaluations of the successors for the legacy M4 carbine and M249 squad automatic weapon.

The service down-selected SIG Sauer, General Dynamics and AAI Textron in August 2019 for the prototyping phase of the NGSW system.

While the companies already supplied first models, they are now delivering their systems for soldier testing.

The army expects the prototyping phase to continue to the second half of 2021, after which a single manufacturer is expected to be awarded a contract for carbine and automatic rifles.

SIG Sauer said it delivered lightweight high-performance 6.8mm hybrid ammunition, NGSW-AR lightweight machine guns, NGSW-R rifles, and suppressors.

“The SIG Sauer NGSW system is the only submission entirely designed, engineered and manufactured by a single American company. We are proud to deliver this comprehensive solution to the US Army, with new capabilities to enhance mission effectiveness for our soldiers on the battlefield,” began Ron Cohen, President & CEO SIG SAUER, Inc.

The company says its 6.8mm “hybrid ammunition” combines a reduction in weight, with the ability to handle higher pressures resulting in increased velocity and greater penetration.

The supplied lightweight machine gun (NGSW-AR) is designed to be 40% lighter than current systems, and reduce felt recoil while maintaining traditional belt-fed operation to increase downrange capability. The MG 6.8mm machine gun features ambidextrous AR-style ergonomics, quick detach magazines, increased M1913 rail space, and a quick detach suppressor.