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BAE Systems teams with Israel’s Elbit on combat vehicle tech

Photo: BAE Systems

BAE Systems and Elbit Systems of America announced a teaming agreement to develop and integrate advanced operational capabilities for combat vehicles.

“The arrangement is focused on validating and integrating new technologies on combat vehicle systems to deliver advanced warfighting capabilities,” the announcement said.

While the release did not indicate, the teaming agreement could signal the two companies’ plans to take part in the US Army’s recently re-launched optionally manned fighting vehicle (OMFV) program.

Just days ago, Textron and Raytheon announced they were joining forces to offer the Lynx IFV for OMFV.

The BAE Systems announcement said the agreement would explore crew automation, vehicle protection systems, and other defensive and offensive systems for integration into turrets of various cannon calibers and supporting weapon systems for combat vehicles.

“BAE Systems and Elbit America are investing in transformational combat vehicle technologies and turret solutions that will greatly enhance the lethality and survivability of next-generation combat vehicles for the US and international militaries,” said Jim Miller, director of business development at BAE Systems. “Our relationship demonstrates a commitment to provide our customers with solutions for future battlefields based on our collective combat vehicle expertise.”