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Germany orders its first P20 cannons from Nexter

P20 can be mounted on all types of light 4x4 vehicles and used for ground-to-ground and ground-to-air missions of close fire support, urban combat, protection, self-defense or intimidation.

US Army orders additional BONUS munitions for M109, M777 howitzers

The BONUS round contains two sensor-fuzed warheads with advanced target-seeking sensors.

France orders first Griffons in mounted mortar configuration

The rear compartment of the vehicle will be modified to accommodate the weapon system, mortar operators and the mortar rounds needed on the mission.

France receives first Nerva micro robots

The French defense procurement agency (DGA) has taken delivery of first Nerva micro-robots from Nexter. The first of envisioned...

France receives Griffon vehicles despite delay fears

France is scheduled to receive 1872 Griffon VBMRs by 2030.

Denmark orders additional Caesar 8×8 artillery systems

Denmark's defense procurement agency has awarded French company Nexter a contract for the delivery of additional four Caesar 8x8 artillery systems, bringing...

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