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US, Russian warships flock to strategic Sudan port

A US Navy military transport ship became the first US Navy ship to visit Sudan in decades, as it arrived at Port...

Russia shares footage of Tsirkon hypersonic missile launch

Flying at Mach 8, Tsirkon scored a direct hit against a target that was 450 kilometers away, the Russian defense ministry says.

Russia lays keels for two Yasen subs, two Gorshkov frigates in...

What is more, two upgraded amphibious assault ships started construction on Monday at the Zaliv shipyard on the Kerch Strait.

Russia launches third Gorshkov-class frigate Admiral Golovko

Admiral Golovko is the first unit in the class to get Russian-built engines.

Russia’s second Project 22350 frigate Admiral Kasatonov completes trials

The frigate is currently en route to the Baltic Sea where it will become part of the Baltic Sea fleet.

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