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Australia set to launch local production of GMLRS rockets

The Australian government announced plans to kickstart the domestic production of the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS), slated to commence in...
R70 Sky Ranger UAS

Australia uses Sky Ranger UAS for targeting support for first time

The Australian armed forces have used for the first time a small unmanned aerial system (UAS) to provide targeting support for Australian...

Australia looking to purchase additional 200 Javelin missiles

The Australian government has expressed its interest in the purchase of an additional 200 Javelin missiles for its armed forces.
B-2 Spirit bomber during US-Australian exercise in August 2020

B-2, B-1 bombers join combined US-Australian Northern Territory exercise

US Air Force B-2 Spirit and B-1 Lancer bombers took part in a combined US-Australia exercise in Australia’s Northern Territory last month.

Australia’s Hawkei protected vehicle finally enters full-rate production

The Royal Australian Army’s new Hawkei protected vehicle is ready to enter full-rate production at Thales’ Protected Vehicles facility in Bendigo, Victoria,...
S-100 UAS for Australian Army

Raytheon teams up with Schiebel for Australian Army tactical UAS bid

Raytheon Australia and the Australian branch of Austrian unmanned aerial system specialist Schiebel Pacific announced they are joining forces in a bid...

Australia buying 250 remote weapon stations for Bushmaster and Hawkei vehicles

The Australian government has announced the acquisition of 251 remote weapon stations for the Australian Army's Bushmaster and Hawkei protected mobility vehicles....
Sky Ranger R70 drone ready for operation from an airborne C-130J Hercules

Australian C-130J Hercules aircraft remotely pilots UAS in “first-of-its kind” trial

A Sky Ranger R70 drone was remotely piloted from the back of C-130J Hercules during a joint trial by the Australian Army and Air Force.

Silentium Defence to further develop passive radar for Australian Army

The contract will see the company deploy its radar system in the field to provide base situational awareness and support capability for dismounted operation.

Australia picks Spike LR2 for dismounted guided missile system capability

The Australian Army has selected Rafael's Spike LR2 missile system as its long range direct fire support weapon capability that is being...

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