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Swiss Air Force Pilatus PC-24

Switzerland sheds little used Pilatus PC-24 VIP transport jet

The sale leaves Qatar as the only military operator of the PC-24 VIP transport aircraft.

Switzerland finalizes deal for purchase of 36 F-35A fighters

The Swiss defense procurement agency armasuisse has signed an official contract with the US government for the procurement of 36 F-35A fighters.
Swiss Air Force Cougar helicopter modernization

Swiss Air Force completes Cougar helicopter fleet modernization

The upgrade will allow the Swiss TH18 Cougars to remain in operation until at least 2035.
Swiss air force Hermes 90 ADS 15 UAS

After delays, Switzerland receives first Hermes 900 UAS

The new ADS 15 UAS, which will replace the ADS-95 Ranger, had originally been expected to arrive in Switzerland by 2019
Swiss Hornet fighter

Swiss Hornets complete first stage of service life extension upgrade

The Swiss Air Force fleet of F/A-18 Hornet fighters has completed the first stage of service life extension upgrades that are being...

US Navy receives first upgraded ex-Swiss F-5N/F aggressor

Testing of the upgraded prototype will inform the conversion of 16 F-5E and six F-5F aircraft the Navy recently acquired from the Swiss Air Force.
Switzerland chooses F-35A as its new fighter jet

Switzerland picks F-35 as its new fighter aircraft, Patriot for air...

The Swiss defense ministry has proposed the purchase of 36 Lockheed Martin-built F-35A fighters to replace its air force's ageing F/A-18 Hornets,...
Swiss F-5 Tiger

Swiss F-5 Tiger jet crashes, pilot ejects

The pilot managed to eject from the aging aircraft and sustained no injuries in the accident, according to the Swiss defense ministry.
Hermes 900 MALE UAS

Swiss defense ministry comments Hermes 900 delay, cost overrun reports

The Swiss Armed Forces' procurement of the Hermes 900 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is plagued with cost overruns of over 50 million...
Swiss Air Force Hornet

Swiss F/A-18s finally start 24/7 air policing

The Hornets were previously only capable of scrambling in emergency situations during office hours.

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