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DARPA awards further drone swarm development contracts

DARPA's OFFSET program envisions swarms of up to 250 collaborative autonomous systems providing insights to ground troops as they operate in dense urban environments.

After US Air Force, FLIR Systems lands Marine Corps deal for...

Centaur is a medium-sized UGV that provides a standoff capability to detect, confirm, identify, and dispose of hazards.
MQ-9B SkyGuardian

General Atomics starts first flights with production-variant MQ-9B SkyGuardian

General Atomics has carried out first test flights with a production-representative MQ-9B SkyGuardian remotely piloted aircraft, the company announced on March 31.

HII completes Hydroid acquisition

Hydroid will become part of HII’s Technical Solutions Unmanned Systems business unit.
ATAX airdrop system

IrvinGQ introduces airdrop platform for unmanned ground vehicles

Parachute and aerial delivery equipment specialist IrvinGQ has unveiled its design for an airdrop system that would allow forces to quickly deploy...

UK awards further contracts for unmanned ground vehicle testing campaign

The two contracts, collectively worth around £5 million (approx. $6.1 million), are part of project Theseus.

Marlborough Communications contracted for UGV deliveries to UK MoD

The UGVs will be trialed for 90 days over a period of 12 months.
Centaur UGV

FLIR Systems gets $23m for unmanned ground vehicle deliveries to US...

Centaur is a remotely operated, medium-sized UGV system that provides a standoff capability to detect, confirm, identify, and dispose of hazards.

Royal Navy inducts ARCIMS unmanned systems into service

Unmanned mine-sweeping and surveying boats developed by Atlas Elektronik UK have been officially handed over to the UK Royal Navy and will...

Pentagon seeking ideas on employment of unmanned surface vessel trains

DARPA is looking for ideas on how to enable unmanned surface vessels to carry out long-distance missions.

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