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Spain’s 8×8 Dragon VCR combat vehicle program enters construction phase

The program to deliver up to 1,000 wheeled combat vehicles (VCR) to the Spanish Army under the Dragón project has entered the...

Leonardo offering Hitfist turret for Spain’s VCR Dragón program

Leonardo Hispania hopes to win a tender to deliver 58 HITFIST manned turrets for the Spanish Army's new 8x8 Dragón combat vehicle program.

Spain hands out $2.06 billion contract for Dragon VCR 8×8 vehicles

The Spanish defense ministry has awarded the General Dynamics European Land Systems-Santa Bárbara Sistemas (GDELS-SBS) joint venture a contract for the delivery...

Spain re-launches 8×8 VCR Dragon program

After aborting the VCR 8x8 wheeled combat vehicle program late last year, the Spanish defense ministry is relaunching the procedure under new...

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