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Serbia introduces T-72B1MS tanks donated from Russia

The Serbian defense ministry has unveiled the first 11 T-72B1MS tanks it received recently from Russia. The tanks were...
CH-92A UAS striking ground target

Serbia’s Chinese-built CH-92A UAS passes first live-fire test

Serbian armed forces have carried out the first live-firing test with its recently-delivered CH-92A armed unmanned aerial systems, the country's defense ministry...

Serbia’s Pantsir S1 air-defense systems debut at live-fire exercise

Serbian Armed Forces' Pantsir S1 air-defense systems showcased their capabilities for the first time in a large-scale live-fire exercise held at the...
Serbian Air Force MiG-21

Two die in crash of Serbian Air Force’s sole MiG-21

The MiG-21 that crashed was the sole aircraft in its class still flown by the Serbian Air Force.

Serbia showcases new M19 6,5/7,62 mm modular gun

The Serbian defense ministry has unveiled its armed forces' new M19 gun developed and built by the local "Zastava oruzje" company.
Serbian CH-92A UAV

Serbia unveils Chinese-built CH-92A armed UAVs

The Serbian defense ministry has showcased its six Chinese-built CH-92A unmanned aerial vehicles at the Pukovnik-pilot Milenko Pavlović airbase in Batajnica.

Serbia’s modernized Oganj rocket launcher completes factory acceptance tests

The Serbian Armed Forces' modernized Oganj modular rocket launcher has completed factory acceptance tests with the final control launch taking place at...

Serbia unveils M-20 MRAP 6×6 armored vehicle

The prototype vehicle features ballistic and IED protection and comes equipped with a 12,7 mm turret.

Serbia tests RLN-IC missile for locally-developed Pasars SHORAD system

The Serbian Armed Forces have carried out a test of the RLN-IC missile from the indigenously developed Pasars short-range air-defense system.

Serbia’s Nora howitzer tests 40km range projectile in milestone firing

Serbia's indigenously-developed 155 mm Nora howitzer undertook a test firing of a new projectile capable of hitting targets at ranges of 40...

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